About Cancun Bariatric Center

Safety, Comfort and Professionalism

Your leading solutions facilitator for bariatric weight loss procedures located in beautiful resort destination Cancun, Mexico. Our past clients know us for the safety, comfort and professionalism while in our care. It is this professionalism, knowledge and expertise that allow Cancun Bariatric Center to provide the safest and most effective procedures in the marketplace.

As health care costs continue to skyrocket and waiting lines for medical assistance grow in many countries people are seeking affordable, efficient ways to meet their health care needs, particularly as concerns weight-loss issues.

Medical Tourism isn’t entirely new, but is gaining a greater following and entering the main stream as more and more people seek alternatives outside their home country for treatment and relief from obesity.

Cancun Bariatric Center is proud to be aligned with the hospital Clinica Victoria, which is well known for the patient’s comfort and safety.  Only 30 miles from the Cancun Airport and located in downtown Cancun, Clinica Victoria is second to none in hospitality and professionalism.


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